Messaging, Private Social Network, Automated Photo & Video Organizer, And Photo Books All In One App

My Family & Friends delivers Free messaging, video calling and instant access to your memories, a private social network, and the capability to create and print photo books.  It is easy to use, secure and runs on all major mobile and desktop devices with no subscription or SMS fees. 

File Memories Into Albums & Folders and Access Them Anywhere, Anytime

Visual memories are all about photos, videos and accessing them instantly. My Family & Friends is the only app that enables you to stay in touch with loved ones and the memories that bring you together.

Never again waste time searching for your special moments; go straight to them.  SmartAlbums enable you to organize your memories by family members, friends, pets, special interests and groups. Built-in intelligence supports designating and retrieving Favorites, ordering memories by date created and managing unique user ID’s and interconnects. SmartAlbums also support underlying Folders so you can file memories of grandkids by year, vacation destinations under Travel or favorite vintners under Wines to name a few.